A full-featured Amazon Alexa voice assistant
for Android phones and tablets, and Wear OS watches

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Listening for a command

Always Listening and Ready to Respond

The phone version supports wake word detection, even when the app is in the background or your screen is off. Simply say "Alexa" and provide a voice command.


Alexa on your Wrist

Talk to Alexa at any time using the Wear OS version of the app. Simply tap the big button or use the Wear OS tile to instantly give Alexa a voice command.

Alexa on Wear OS

Text Messaging

Read and send text messages. Support is included for most messaging apps, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, your phone's SMS app, and many more.


Phone Calls

Start a phone call with a simple voice command.


Music and Audio

Play music and audio files stored on your device.


Smart Home

Use Alexa to control smart home devices, such as lights, doors, and thermostats.


Kindle Book Playback

Have Alexa read out books from your Kindle library.


Productivity Tools

Hear and see your calendar, to-do, and shopping lists. Add and remove entries using voice commands.


Reminders, Timers, and Alarms

Use Alexa to set reminders, timers, and alarms. Full support is included for repeating alarms.


Access Local Information

Get access to local information, such as businesses, restaurants, movies, phone numbers, and more.


News, Weather, and More

Hear news reports from numerous sources, hear and see your weather forecast, and get sports and traffic updates.


Fun and Games

Hear jokes, role dice, play rock paper scissors, and more!


Shopping on Amazon

Order, and reorder, from Amazon using your voice.


General Information

Wikipedia entries, geography, math, unit conversion, and more!

Try it Free

The phone version of Ultimate Alexa provides most features at no charge. You can optionally purchase an upgrade to remove ads enable additional features. The watch version is available as a 7 day free trial, and a small purcahse will unlock it for unlimted usage.

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