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The app does not respond when I say the "Alexa" wake word.
If the app never responds or rarely responds:
If the app never responds or rarely reponds, even when it's running in the foreground, go to the settings area and check the wake word options. Make sure the option to listen for the wake word is on. You can also try increasing the sensitivity setting.

If the app responds in the foreground but not in the background:
Make sure the app is actually running and listening in the background. If it is, you will see a notification that indicates this. If the notification is not there, you may have accidentally closed the app or turned off the setting to listen for the wake word in the background. If the notification appears for a while and then disappears, Android itself is likely killing the app to free up memory or reduce battery usage. If you are using a power saving mode, try turning it off. Also, in the Apps section of your system settings, you can open Ultimate Alexa and turn off battery optimizations for the app.

One way to be certain that Android will not kill Ultimate Alexa when it's listening in the background is to set it as your default voice assistant. In the app's settings area, you will find the option to do this, along with detailed information about the pros and cons of this feature.

If you don't want to replace your default assistant, another option is to enable the app's accessibility service. When this service is running, Android is less likely to kill the app and will give it priority access to the microphone (without interfering with other apps such as your camera). You can enable this in the accessibility section of your system settings. Within the accessibility settings, go to the section for installed apps or services, and enable Ultimate Alexa.

If the app is only unresponsive when the screen is off:
When your phone's screen is off and the wake word is heard, the app will attempt to turn on your screen and display a notification over your lock screen to let you know that it heard you. If the option to double-check the wake word is off, then you will also hear a beep. On some devices the screen may not become very bright and the notification may be invisible. Try saying your voice command right after you say the wake word to see if you get a response.
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When the app is listening for the wake word, other apps cannot use the microphone.
Android only allows a single app to use the microphone at once. On Andorid 10 and up, microphone access is intelligently managed so that Ultimate Alexa does not have access when a foreground app, such as your camera is using the microphone.

On Android 9 and below, if Ultimate Alexa is listening for the wake word in the background, other apps will not have access to the microphone. You can work around this by setting the app to be the default assistant. This will give it the ability to release the mic and stop wake word listening when an app moves to the foreground that may need microhpone access.
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How do I pay to use the app beyond the free trial?
The payment will be started from your watch and then completed on your phone or another device, such as a computer. Open the app on your watch, then open the app's menu by either swiping down from the top of the screen to the bottom or tapping on the down arrow at the top of the screen. Then, tap on the $ button and follow the on-screen instructions.
This video demonstrates the 2 ways to open the menu.
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I purchased the app but it is still in the free trial.
Wait a while if you're using a new device, performed a factory reset, or purchased on your phone.
On a new or different device, or after a factory reset, it can take Google Play up to 24 hours to synchronize purchase information. Sometimes, you can speed this up if you reboot your device. Also, you will want to make sure that your new or reset device is connected to the Google account you previously purchased under.

Work around bugs on Google's side.
If you are certain that you have make the purchase and the purchase was successful, then follow this procedure to work around known bugs in Google's purchasing system for Wear OS:
1. Consider waiting 24 hours. Google's system sometimes fails to immediately notifiy the watch when a purchase has been completed. As long as your watch is online, not in a power saving mode, and has a reliable internet connaction, it will generaly sync up within 24 hours. If you want to try to speed up the process, or the purchase was more than 24 hours ago, continue with the next steps.
2. Open the app and start the purchase process again. You will not be charged twice, since Google's system has protections in place to prevent this. Google will give you two options to complete the payment: purchasing on your phone or using a web browser on another deivce such as a computer. Choose the option you did not use last time. You might get a message saying you already own the item, but that's OK.
3. After making the purchase, or seeing a message saying that you already own the item, return to your wach and check the app. At this point, Google's system is supposed to notify our app of the successful payment, but their system often breaks down here. If your trial has expired and you no longer see a message saying that your trial has expired, then the payment was detected. If your trial has not expired, open the app's menu and tap on the dollar sign ($) button. If the app immediately tells you that you have made the purchase, then you're done.
4. If the purchase continues to be undetected, reboot your watch and check again.
5. If the purchase continues to be undetected after the reboot, try clearing the cache for Google Play and Google Play Services to force them to synchronize purchase information. On your watch, go to the system settings and visit the "Apps and Notifications" area. Select the Google Play Store and choose the options to clear data and cache. Then, switch to the Google Play Services app and clear data and cache for it as well. Then, restart your watch.
6. If the purchase is still undetected, try purchasing the watch version from the phone version of the app. Open the phone version, and select the option to purchase upgrades from the main menu. You can then purchase ulimited access for watches or the phone/watch bundle. You will not be charged twice. Note that this will only work if the phone has not yet detected the purchase. After purchasing from the phone, allow 24 hours for the purchase to appear on the watch. 7. If none of the above works, then it will be necessary to continue waiting for Google Play to synchronize purchase information. While waiting, make sure that your watch is online, not in a power saving mode, and has a reliable internet connection. Feel free to repeat the purchase process as often as you like, since each time another attempt will be made to contact the watch to indicate a successful purchase.
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I am told to complete the purchase on my phone, but nothing appears on my phone.
This issue is caused by a known bug on Google's side. To work around this, you can pay using another method. Start the payment process again from your watch. You will be given an option to pay from a web browser, and a web address will be displayed. On another device, such as a computer, go to the web address to complete the paymment.
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I am being asked to provide permission for this app to draw over other apps, but I cannot find the setting to allow this.
When setting an alarm on a Wear OS 3 device for the first time, the app will prompt you to allow permission for it to draw over other apps. You will be taken to the system's settings screen for Ultimate Alexa. Here, do not select the permissions section. Instead, go to the advanced section and allow the permission there.

Alternately, you can enable the permission from your watch's system settings area. After opening the system settings, you can find the option to enable the permission here: Apps and Notifications -> App Info -> Ultimate Alexa -> Advanced
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My watch does not have Google Play. Is it possible to pay to use it after the trial period?
We're sorry, this is not possible. The app only supports payments through Google Play at this time.
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How do I cancel my subscription?
Your subscription can be cancelled quickly and easily using the Play Store app on your phone or tablet or from in a web browser.

Here is a direct link to Google's subscription management area. You can also view Google's detailed online instructions.
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I am unable to play music.
Due to restrictions imposed by Amazon, Ultimate Alexa is unable to play music from popular services such as Amazon Music, Pandora, and Spotify using voice commands. This is the case even if you have a paid subscription. For these, it will be necessary to use the app for your music service to play music.

The app does work with Alexa skills that support music. You can try browsing skills in the Music & Audio category to see if anything interests you.

If you have a library of music on your phone, Ultimate Alexa can play it using our companion Phone Link skill. To enable the skill, choose the option from the app's menu to enable calls, texting, and music.
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I purchased the Pro upgrade but am still seeing ads and can't use the extra features.
If you just made the purchase, double-check to make sure the purchase was successful. If so, it will appear on Google's payment site,

If you made the purchase from your watch, it may take up to 24 hours for the purchase to be detected on your phone, due to synchronization delays at Google Play.

If you have installed the app on a new device, or a device that has had a factory reset, make sure that the device is linked to the same Google account you used for your purchase. Also, understand that it may take Google Play up to 24 hours to synchronize purchase information. Sometimes, you can reduce this time by rebooting.
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I receive a message saying that Alexa has no response.
This occurs when Alexa either receives a voice command that it does not understand, or receives garbled speech. Here are some things to check:
  • Make sure your mouth is close to your device. Most Android and Wear OS devices cannot hear speech that is far away.
  • Check your internet connection. Poor connections can affect the quality of your voice recording.
  • Try rephrasing your voice command. To help troubleshoot the issue, try a voice command that you know Alexa will recognize, such as "What is the time?"
  • Check the app's language settings. If you speak in a language that is different from the setting, Alexa will not understand you.
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Alexa thinks I am located in another city. How do I fix this?
You can fix this using Amazon's offivcial Alexa app or by signing into from a web browser. In the settings area, go to device settings, then select the "Ultimate Alexa" device and change the location. In order to change the setting, Amazon may require that the app is running and online.